2022 South Suffolk Classic

Date:8th May 2022
Start:Woodbridge Quay
Venues:Parham Airfield Museum, Needham Lake & Nature Reserve
Finish:Bentwaters Cold War Museum

The Route

The day will start with the cars gathering on Woodbridge Quayside, where a complimentary coffee & bacon butty can be had from the Boathouse Restaurant. We have been lucky enough to gain access The Longshed of the Woodbridge Riverside Trust, where they are building a full size 27 metre replica of the longboat found at the burial site at nearby Sutton Hoo

Also the Woodbridge Tide Mill will be specially opened early at 9:00am such that you can also explore the mill itself (it's a free entry day).

The route will be approximately 65 miles. The first stop of the day will be mid-morning at Parham Airfield Museum, which has recently added the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation.

After enjoying another pleasant drive, the lunch stop will be at Needham Lakes and Nature Reserve, which has an excellent new cafe and visitor's centre.

Another jaunt through the pleasant Suffolk countryside will see you arriving at the final destination of the day, the fabulous Bentwaters Cold War Museum.

We're sure you'll have a great day!